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DTT - Fuck Justin Simon DTT - Fuck Justin Simon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have to say, Mickey Mao's was just a lot more entertaining. It was a funner track, he did more with it. He did 8 and 8, and shit-talked, while Justin Simon waited and did a full 16 without much creativity to it. I also thought Mickey rode the beat really well, but Justin Simon still definitely beat him on flow.

I'd have to give this one to Mickey Mao for his show of it. It sounded like a real diss track, while Justin Simon's sounded like a regular battle 16.

CLAB- Scuare vs Emergency CLAB- Scuare vs Emergency

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Scuare verse 1:
(+)(+)(+)Put in the work, barely got by.
(+)Bologna line.
(+)Letter to the past line.
(+)Send ya mic back.
(+)Fagget, did you write that.
8 Points

Emergency verse 1:
(+)(+)4 bars about Rav.
(+)YouTube, You Lose line.
(+)(+)E is for Emergency, B is for bitch.
(+)(+)Hypocrit, Texas, home of the rednecks line.
(+)Trailor park line.
8 Points

Scuare verse 2:
(+)(+)Name aint gotta D.
(+)White trash, state of mind.
(+)Theory, relatively usless, was I the only one who got it?
(+)(+)(+)Sesame Street line.
(+)Point in any direction.
9 Points

Emergency verse 2:
(+)Great intro/flip.
(+)(+)Burger king line.
(+)Emergency, surgery.
(+)(+)Underground scared of the daylight.
(+)Circle of lies.
(+)Rav to write it.
(+)(+)Someone give me johnny.

10 Points

Scuare: 17 Points
Emergency: 18 Points

My vote goes to Emergency.

This was a very close battle, and a really hard decision after so many listens. Emergency's flow was good but Scuares was amazing. Both had very good lyrics, and it was all tied up after the first 2 verses, but Emergency just barely pulled away with his last verse. Good job to both of you. Very good battle.

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CLAB - FlipPoint vs Byron CLAB - FlipPoint vs Byron

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Flip Point verse 1:
(+)Talkin to girls is apocolyptic.
1 Point

Byron verse 1:
(+)Make yourself wack, only specific.
(+)(+)Eliminate yourself line.
(+)90% is filler.
4 Points

Flip Point verse 2:

Byron verse 2:
(+)Prewritten lines.
(+)Pipe, so clever you just ignore.
2 Points

Flip Point: 2 Points
Byron: 6 Points

Basically, I didn't hear many personal attacks from Flip Point, really he didn't have anything that was too surprising. Byron had some good flips and solid verses overall.

CLAB - Jakobe vs Senator CLAB - Jakobe vs Senator

Rated 2 / 5 stars


Jakobe verse 1:
(+)Noone cares about Dubhop.
(+)Constantly blogging with no response.
2 Points

SenatorJohnDean verse 1:
(+)(+)Underwater and broke.
(+)Lil wayne line.
3 Points

Jakobe verse 2:
(+)(+)12 like, lack of likes.
(+)Sloppy flow.
(+)Afraid to show your skin.
4 Points

SenatorJohnDean verse 2:
(+)Lost in the beat you picked.
(+)(+)Never called you gay.
(+)Kinda friend and son are you.
(+)Thats how you deal with a beat change.
(+)Pics, find, hide lines.
6 Points

Jakobe: 6 Points
SenatorJohnDean: 9 Points

My vote goes to SenatorJohnDean.

Overall, both had some really solid lines here but neither flow was too surprising, or even that good. SenatorJohnDean's delivery is what really put him over the top here. Both didn't have much filler at all. Good battle.

CLAB - Nerfgun vs Jakobe CLAB - Nerfgun vs Jakobe

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Nerfgun Timmy verse 1:
(+)Great flow.
(-)(-)Generic lines with filler.
-1 Point

Jakobe verse 1:
(+)Ain't hard as a cock.
(+)Talked for 4 and shit 12 more.
(+)(+)Dumbass can't count.
4 Points

Nerfgun Timmy verse 2:
(+)Great flow.
(+)Superbad line.
1 Point

Jakobe verse 2:
(+)Verses were Hype Tracks.
(+)Not a fight when you don't fight back.
(+)That rap you do is not new.
3 Points

Nerfgun Timmy: 0 Points
Jakobe: 7 Points

I've already heard almost every line Nerfgun Timmy used. Timmy had the flow by far, but Jakobe actually came with flips and personal disses.

If there are any questions about my votes and my breakdowns, I'll gladly explain as thoroughly as you need in a private message.

CLAB - Gasmasq vs FatBeat CLAB - Gasmasq vs FatBeat

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Gasmasq verse 1:
(+)(+)Beats aren't fat.
(+)More time for stick flashes.
3 Points

Fat Beats verse 1:
(+)Bash you with your own foam sword.
(+)Instead of LARPing.
(+)Put on your cloak.
3 Points

Gasmasq verse 2:
(+)Good flow.
(+)Obviously not that important.
(+)Whipped line.
3 Points

Fat Beats verse 2:
(+)Sent your verses on SoundCloud.
(+)Smorgishmorg line.
2 Points

Gasmasq: 6 Points
Fat Beats: 5 Points

My vote goes to Gasmasq.

Overall, I couldn't understand Fat Beats that well through a lot of his lyrics because of his microphone, accent, and the fact that he just wasn't flowing through the beat. He was on-beat and he had more multies than I bet anybody else will notice, yes, but he wasn't flowing with it. I heard a few good lines from Gasmasq, but his flow is really what put him over the top here.

If there are any questions about my votes and my breakdowns, I'll gladly explain as thoroughly as you need in a private message.

CLAB - Chainsaw vs Flip CLAB - Chainsaw vs Flip

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Chainsaw verse 1:
(+)Prewritten lines.
1 Point

Flip Point verse 1:
(+)Nerfgun, cannon.
(+)Flows gravel through a woodchipper.
(+)Trying to tickle.
3 Points

Chainsaw verse 2:
(+)(+)The only pickle stuck in your mother.
(+)Spoken word line.
(+)Recycled lines.
4 Points

Flip Point verse 2:
(+)(+)Ride the beat amazingly.
(+)If ya mouth was ya ass line.
3 Points

Chainsaw: 5 Points
Flip Point: 6 Points

My vote goes to Flip Point.

Chainsaw went more personal, but he kind of just pointed it all out instead of throwing them in as actual punches, while Flip Point was a lot more generic but with more punches, he also rode the beat far better. That's never good when Chainsaw chose the beat. Chainsaw also wasted lines on some lies in his 2nd verse saying Flip Point had 14 lines of Nerfgun lines, when he didn't. Flip Point actually came in with the truth about Chainsaw having two special-ed lines.

If there are any questions about my votes and my breakdowns, I'll gladly explain as thoroughly as you need in a private message

CLAB - Blest vs Byron CLAB - Blest vs Byron

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Blest verse 1:
(+)Great style all throughout.
(+)Put your mic back.
(+)Diction equivalent to autistic lisps.
3 Points

Byron verse 1:
(-)Flow started off terrible.
(+)Should be disqualified.
(+)So clever line.
(+)Where do I begin line.
3 Points

Blest verse 2:
(+)Great style.
(+)Confused and twisted line.
2 Points

Byron verse 2:
(+)Couldn't even flip a light switch.
(+)Can't understand without captions.
(+)Never said I was the best.
3 Points

Blest: 5 Points
Byron: 6 Points

My vote goes to Byron.

Almost all of the disses I heard were quite generic, not very many personals at all. Both flows weren't great, but I felt like Blest's style and delivery were far better than Byron's. He had the whole 'your verse didnt worry me at all' feel in his 2nd verse, while Byron kinda went in with just a little more relevant lyrics to take the win. I've heard music from Blest, and other battles from Byron, and well, both of these rappers can do far better than this.

If there are any questions about my votes and my breakdowns, I'll gladly explain as thoroughly as you need in a private message.

Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek Clab - Pigpen Vs Teqneek

Rated 3 / 5 stars


PiGPEN verse 1:
(+)Good flow, on beat.
(-)Pointless freestyle line.
(+)(+)No u in win.
(+)Deluted reaching suddle.
(+)(+)There will be a tech in ya.
(+)(+)Kissy under the guilliteen.
(-)A lot of filler.
7 Points

Teqneek verse 1:
(+)Good flow, on beat.
(-)Pointless flip on the fake freestyle.
(+)(+)Happily handle a man's balls.
(+)Only battling cause of a technicality.
(+)(+)Shitty animation, lonely guy.
(+)High vocabulary in disses.
6 Points

PiGPEN verse 2:
(+)Good flow and onbeat.
(+)Lyrics belon in a dumpster
(+)(+)My battle was legitiment.
(+)Son of the mailman got deliverance.
(+)(+)I only win on Tegneekalities.
(-)More filler.
6 Points

Teqneek verse 2:
(+)(+)Perfect flow and onbeat.
(+)Fell face first.
(+)Umbrella in your mouth.
(+)Internet troll swine.
(+)(+)PiGPEN beats worst in the contest, animation garbage.
(+)Baking in ham sandwich.
(+)This little piggy is heading home.
(-)Mixing was way too loud on that Piggy line.
8 Points

PiGPEN: 13 Points
Teqneek: 14 Points

My vote goes to Teqneek.

I added up points for certain lines based on lyrics, delivery, and how hard it hit as a whole. This was a good battle, but I heard a few generic filler disses throughout, but those were generally covered up with great delivery from both sides.

If there are any questions about my votes and my breakdowns, I'll gladly explain as thoroughly as you need in a private message.

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Gasmasq vs. Rav Gasmasq vs. Rav

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm gonna break this down after listening tons of times.

Gasmasqs verse:
(-)Could barely hear it.
(+)Flow was good and on-point.
(+)ROF to KOA line.
(+)Hobby rapper.
(+)Rockin a tracksuit.
(+)Rhymin at shows, writin a post to Twitter.
(+)Late verse, your garbage can wait anyway.

Ravs verse:
(+)Heard it very clear.
(+)Flow good and on-point.
(+)Recording on your webcam.
(+)Nerds who ain't heard of havin sex.
(-)Lightning bolt over and over..
(+)Trying or trolling.
(+)Ironic name, Gasmasq/Choke.
(-)Pointless lazy vs. Emergency line.
(+)As hazardous as cereal.
(+)Spare time, mage with a club.
(-)Ending about rappers spitting nonsical and dumb claims.

Overall Gasmasq had 5 points, and Rav had 5 points. I'm not sure exactly how fair I am being with this one, cause I took off points for Rav on some of his fillerish lines, but I couldn't do that for Gasmasq cause I couldn't hear most of his verse. However, maybe I should be giving Gasmasq more points but like I said, I can't hear him and I've strained my ears for around 20 or so listens to try and pick some of these lines up. Maybe I'm the only one with this problem? I will say that I have no headphones here so that might be why.

Also though, that is just my little point system and if I had a better point system, I would've given some of Rav's punches 2 points instead of 1. Most of his punches hit harder like the Gasmasq/Choke line.

So because of that, I'll have to give this one to Rav.

If the general consensus is able to hear Gasmasq's verse just fine then clearly theres something wrong on my end and you shouldn't count my vote.

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