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DTT - Fuck Justin Simon DTT - Fuck Justin Simon

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I have to say, Mickey Mao's was just a lot more entertaining. It was a funner track, he did more with it. He did 8 and 8, and shit-talked, while Justin Simon waited and did a full 16 without much creativity to it. I also thought Mickey rode the beat really well, but Justin Simon still definitely beat him on flow.

I'd have to give this one to Mickey Mao for his show of it. It sounded like a real diss track, while Justin Simon's sounded like a regular battle 16.

CLAB- Scuare vs Emergency CLAB- Scuare vs Emergency

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Scuare verse 1:
(+)(+)(+)Put in the work, barely got by.
(+)Bologna line.
(+)Letter to the past line.
(+)Send ya mic back.
(+)Fagget, did you write that.
8 Points

Emergency verse 1:
(+)(+)4 bars about Rav.
(+)YouTube, You Lose line.
(+)(+)E is for Emergency, B is for bitch.
(+)(+)Hypocrit, Texas, home of the rednecks line.
(+)Trailor park line.
8 Points

Scuare verse 2:
(+)(+)Name aint gotta D.
(+)White trash, state of mind.
(+)Theory, relatively usless, was I the only one who got it?
(+)(+)(+)Sesame Street line.
(+)Point in any direction.
9 Points

Emergency verse 2:
(+)Great intro/flip.
(+)(+)Burger king line.
(+)Emergency, surgery.
(+)(+)Underground scared of the daylight.
(+)Circle of lies.
(+)Rav to write it.
(+)(+)Someone give me johnny.

10 Points

Scuare: 17 Points
Emergency: 18 Points

My vote goes to Emergency.

This was a very close battle, and a really hard decision after so many listens. Emergency's flow was good but Scuares was amazing. Both had very good lyrics, and it was all tied up after the first 2 verses, but Emergency just barely pulled away with his last verse. Good job to both of you. Very good battle.

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CLAB - FlipPoint vs Byron CLAB - FlipPoint vs Byron

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Flip Point verse 1:
(+)Talkin to girls is apocolyptic.
1 Point

Byron verse 1:
(+)Make yourself wack, only specific.
(+)(+)Eliminate yourself line.
(+)90% is filler.
4 Points

Flip Point verse 2:

Byron verse 2:
(+)Prewritten lines.
(+)Pipe, so clever you just ignore.
2 Points

Flip Point: 2 Points
Byron: 6 Points

Basically, I didn't hear many personal attacks from Flip Point, really he didn't have anything that was too surprising. Byron had some good flips and solid verses overall.